API Quickstart

What do I need to start building a direct API Integration?

Use our API to integrate Clearpay with any system or custom platform.

  1. Get Sandbox Credentials
  2. Speak to your Clearpay account manager to coordinate the receipt of your Sandbox credentials. These will enable you to commence the development and testing of your connection to our Sandbox environment.

  3. Choose Your Preferred Payment Flow
  4. Clearpay supports the ability to capture funds at the time of order or at the time of shipping.

  5. Start Testing
  6. Download our postman collection or use our API explorer to start testing the Clearpay calls before integrating with your systems

  7. It's time to Launch 🚀
  8. Complete certification testing and get your live credentials

Not a Developer?

Use our pre-built plugins to quickly add Clearpay to your store.

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