Gateway configuration


Here you can see a video doing all the configuration, in addition you can find the process step by step below



Clearpay gateway configuration screen

If you have completed the module installation successfully you should be on the Clearpay module configuration screen. If that is not the case, please follow the steps below.

To enter in the Clearpay admin panel, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Navigate to: "Payments" => "Alternative payment methods"
  • Under this block, you should find the payment method already added. Click on "Edit" to enter in the Clearpay admin panel
  1. Once you are in the Clearpay admin panel.

    Follow these steps to setup the Clearpay payment method:
    1.1 Merchant ID: Enter the Merchant ID provided by email (also available in your Clearpay portal).
    1.2 Merchant Secret Key: Enter the Secret Key provided by email (also available in your Clearpay portal).
    1.3 Click the ‘Activate Clearpay’ button.


Where are my Clearpay credentials ?

Your Clearpay Merchant ID and Secret Key are located on Clearpay Merchant portal Panel on this page
NOTE: Please do not use google translate in this page


Any issues ?

Make sure that your Merchant ID and Secret key do not contain any spaces.
It is recommended to copy and paste the values from your Clearpay portal.