Test Order

When you’ve installed, configured and verified module's configuration you must make a test order.


Test Order & Clearpay Certification

Certification ensures a great customer experience, minimizes the potential for fraudulent activity, and checks for common compliance and technical issues.

1. Go to a product page


2. Add the product to the shopping cart.


3. Go to the checkout


4. Go through the Clearpay payment flow


Sandbox Test Order - Customer information

To understand how to go through the flow, you can follow this guide
Some notes:

  • You can use a random email, in sandbox we only validated the format
  • You can use a random phone, in sandbox we only validated the format
  • No SMS's are sent in the Sandbox. Use 1111 as the verification code.
  • You can use this card [4111 1111 1111 1111], date[12/21], CVV[123]. If you need more information about Test Cards, click here

Use the following card information

Card TypeCard NumberExpiryCVV2
Visa4111 1111 1111 111112/21123

For more info about the test payment cards please visit the Test cards page.

5. Check the order on your Clearpay Portal


Clearpay portal

To enter in your Clearpay sandbox portal click here


6. Disable the module

After the test order, you need to disable the module, otherwise the module will be enabled in test mode, so the transactions won't be valid. It could cause a bad user experience in your eCommerce.

Important Notes


Production Credentials

Your Clearpay production credentials are issued upon successful completion of the Test Order and after your store has received a Clearpay Certification by your account manager.


Changing the API Environment

You should only change environment to Production when you have received the notification informing you that your account has received a Clearpay Certification.

When changing the API Environment you must also change the Secret Key.