Module Uninstallation

Module Uninstallation


Do not ever delete the Clearpay module by directly deleting the folder using your FTP client! You must do this process from the PrestaShop administration panel.

When you need to temporarily disable using the Clearpay module, but still wish to keep its configuration, you can simply disable it: just click on the "Disable" link. The actions will turn into "Enable" and "Delete", but the "Uninstall" button can still be seen.

When clicking on the "Uninstall" button: the Clearpay module folder will still be in the /modules folder, but the module will not have any impact on your shop anymore.


If you wish to completely remove the module from your store, click the "Delete" link: PrestaShop will remove the folder and all its content.

For more information visit this section of the PrestaShop 1.7 or PrestaShop 1.6 documentation