Shopify Pre-Migration Checks

Clearpay has released a new integration on Shopify for processing transactions. This new integration supports Shopify’s new payments platform, before Shopify deprecates its current payment integrations by Dec. 31, 2021.

The new integration behaves exactly the same as the old integration but has 2 new elements:

  • Manual Capture Support - Clearpay will now let merchants capture the consumer’s order within 13 days of when shoppers checkout.
  • Updated naming “Clearpay (New)” - Clearpay’s naming in Shopify’s settings and orders data will reflect as “Clearpay (New)” to prevent confusion as merchants migrate between integrations. Please note order analytics and other integrations will show the new and old integration separately.

Manual Capture Support


Q: How can I check if I have manual capture enabled?

A: In the Payment Settings, a merchant may apply manual capture or automatic capture.
Shopify Help Article: Capturing Payments

Example of Payment Capture Method Settings:

Q: How long do Clearpay authorizations last?

A: Clearpay’s authorization hold will be valid for a period of 13 days from the time of auth. Any uncaptured amount will be automatically voided, and the voided amount reduced from the Clearpay consumer’s outstanding balance of the order. If the voided amount is more than the consumer’s outstanding balance of the order, the consumer will be refunded the remainder of the voided amount, up to the authorized amount.

Q: Where and how do I capture orders?

A: You will be able to capture Clearpay orders in the same fashion as any other order on Shopify, via the order’s tab, third-party integrations, or Shopify’s API.

Q: Am I able to perform multiple captures on a single order?

A: No. Shopify does not support the ability to perform multiple captures on the same order. An ‘Auth Approved’ order can be updated to ‘Paid’ or ‘Partially Paid’ status on a single occasion.

Any remaining amount would be voided and refunded to the customer.

Shopify Help Article: Capture Payments Manually

Q: When am I paid for manually captured orders?

A: Clearpay will settle orders which are manually captured in a ‘Paid’ or ‘Partially Paid’ Shopify status. Example, an ‘Auth Approved’ order is updated to a ‘Paid’ status on Jan 01.

Clearpay Reconciliation process for this order would begin the next day on Jan 02.

Q: How do I update my settings to automatically capture orders?

A: To update your capture setting to “automatic capture”, follow the instructions on the following Shopify Help Article: Set Up Automatic Capture

Example of Automatic Capture Payment settings:

New Clearpay Name - “Clearpay (New)”

For EU: The new Clearpay Payment App, will continue to have the name “Clearpay”. You may see the name “Clearpay (New)” in some areas, but reporting and orders should continue to reflect the name “Clearpay”.