Configuration verification

Verify the configuration

1. Go to a product page to see the result.



The Clearpay Widget does not appear ?

If the widget does not appear please check that you have properly you have properly entered your Clearpay credentials in the module configuration panel

2. Go to your checkout to see the result

Your checkout should show the total divided into three separate payments.

3. Ensure that the checkout option redirects to Clearpay

Please check that you can connect to the Clearpay journey by entering a dummy order – you don’t need to complete the transaction just make sure your site redirects to Clearpay!



If Clearpay does not update/display as expected, please provide staff access to your WooCommerce admin panel to our E-Commerce Integrations department. For this purpose, send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Admin panel URL:
  • Admin panel user:
  • Admin panel password:

Guide to know how to add accounts to your WooCommerce Store.